Give your house a new designs that lasts. Save Big & Energy. With Steve Hansen Home Improvement’s vinyl siding and a selection of best colors provides your house a look by addition of new paint that will remain for as long you own your house! Use our XXL reinforced siding or one of the best in the company, panel, and see all the difference!

Quality materials and installation plus great price. We will remove and take away your old siding, check and apply for construction permits, insulate walls with a 3.8 R-Value Or 5.0 R – Value for great savings, new overhangs, new trim, new seamless aluminum or copper gutters with a life-time gutter helmet. All of our vinyl and overhang materials comes with a lifetime warranty.

When it comes for the cement siding, Hardie Plank Siding has been the world best in cement siding technology for over century. Hardie Plank siding is a durable and attractive alternative to traditional composite siding, wood siding and stucco. Merging the warmth and design of wood with the stability of fiber-cement, Hardie Plank Siding resists destroy from exposure to rain, humidity and termites.

Vinyl Siding is a tough and durable man-made exterior siding products. This product is virtually maintenance-free and will look great for years to come.Vinyl has unlimited architectural design possibilities. There is wide variety of siding textures that will add character and style to your home giving it a new, renovated look. Today’s quality vinyl siding offers several low-gloss finishes with either a subtle brushed finish or a crisp cedar wood grain finish to produce a painted wood look finish. To achieve a distinctive look of true wood craftsmanship we offer a wide variety of architectural decorative trim which includes shutters, cornice moldings, corner posts, columns, door and window trims.

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