These kits or units are easy to assemble and are going to have you grilling or enjoying the ambiance of a cozy fire in no time at all! They are so pleasing to the eye that it will be the focal point of any backyard or patio area. The color, design, and handle choices are going to give you a truly beautiful, functional, and amazing outdoor fireplace.

These outdoor fireplace kits are designed to be easy to put together and to take as little time as possible! The BBQ option is going to not only be functional because it uses charcoal or wood but is also going to make your next backyard BBQ experience wonderful and easy. The Multi Screen unit is going to give you, the family, and friends an intimate and cozy evening. These units are portable and can be set up anywhere because of Perfect Outdoor Fireplace’s unique design and interlocking pieces.

The Perfect Outdoor Fireplace units are the right and possibly the best choice to make when choosing to opt for an outdoor fireplace. The Perfect Outdoor Fireplace kits are unique in their design because they have easy interlocking pieces that are going to be a cinch to put together in little time at all. All the kits or units have a modular design and require no mortar. Plus the modular design enables anyone to put it anywhere. These outdoor stone fireplaces and outdoor fireplace covers require no brick or stone coating and allow you to be able to add if you so desire to customize your outdoor fireplace. You have a choice of 8 different colors as well as two styles.

The BBQ style uses charcoal or wood while the Multi Screen option comes with optional gas logs. When purchasing a Perfect Outdoor Fireplace kit you get to choose between five decorative door handle options. These kits come with strong, heavy duty, and heat dissapating stone that will ensure that the weather’s elements will not be a problem as is sometimes associated with stone and concrete fireplaces. When you order one of the Perfect Outdoor Fireplace units, the online checkout is secure and you’re kit will be shipped quickly. The Perfect Outdoor Fireplace units make it easy for you to choose the fireplace that will best suit your needs as well as leaves a lot of room for your own customization. The Perfect Outdoor Fireplace kits are really perfect in every way!

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