Most people think that all electric heaters are equal because the electricity is 100% efficient. But the thing is, manufacturers produce different types of heaters that have different method of electricity conversion. Some of these space heaters are ceramic, radiant, micathermic and convection.

All these types have special characteristics, but the one we are interested in has to raise the temperature quickly and then maintain that room temperature. This is exactly what shows the efficiency, the heater that will spend less time doing the actual work and save our electricity. You can find plenty of heater reviews that will help you with this, even with types like kerosene, oil heaters and others. And you can find heaters on many websites, the choices are really numerous.

The most efficient one will have a fan, since it will help to distribute the heat a lot faster. Just imagine a furnace without a blower, it is not that efficient at all. You have to find a device that is equipped with a fan if you want to stay warm and keep the electricity bill to minimum. Some people find the fans to be noisy, but that depends on the model you buy, so be careful about your purchase. Try to activate the heater at the store before you actually buy it and listen to the sound fans make. If you think it is quiet enough, you just found yourself a money-saving heating solution.

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